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Indoor Landscaping

Moving to an apartment had me feeling isolated and disconnected from Nature! What better way to make that connection, than to bring plants into the apartment.

My first purchase is a Ficus Lyrata, commonly known as a fiddle-leaf fig. The broad dark green leaves help with air purification through the process of metabolic breakdown, these plants will eliminate various chemical compounds from the air. This means less ailments related to the respiratory system. In addition to that, the plant helps with humidity control. This is essential in the elimination of dust from the air and preventing such problems as coughs, colds, sore throats and fatigue!

My next purchase is ‘Mother-Inlaws- Tongue’ or Snake Plant, these plants are so hardy that I purchased 3! They’re known as an air purifier converting C02 into oxygen at night making Snake Plants great for your bedroom to help promote a good nights sleep. They also absorb harmful chemicals from the air making our home environment a healthier place to live!

On one of the blank walls I placed 5 glass vases, putting cuttings from plants into each one, half filling the vase with water. These cuttings will grow roots, surviving in water indefinitely.

I planted 4 Bungalow Palms in 2 pots, placing them on the balcony from the main living area. These palms create a beautiful exotic environment and tend to tolerate most climates.

I have a few smaller plants of different varieties dotted around the apartment. But, I’m not done yet!!!

I have plans to create a ‘green wall’. This will be placed on the master bedroom balcony. I haven’t decided whether it’ll be for viewing or for eating. It’s all a work in progress!The important thing is, I’m feeling the connection to Nature!

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