Our Canine Companions

(our fur babies, gym dogs)


When animals interact with humans an  automatic relaxation response occurs reducing the amount of physical pain a person experiences by releasing endorphins (oxytocin) that have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Spending time with a pet helps to bring down blood pressure and reduces anxiety. The dogs are a great way to get moving...they need regular exercise on a daily basis, so do their humans!!

It gives me so much pleasure to see the joy Taz and Niko bring to my clients. They never miss an opportunity to snuggle in for some pat-time while my clients are having mat-time 🐶.


It’s not just my clients that enjoy the dogs, sometimes it’s their partners, (wives and husbands) that take great pleasure in being greeted by Taz and Niko who make a fuss of anyone who makes a fuss of them. On occasion Niko gets to go for a walk while I’m working.

Niko’s well known to do the ‘down dog pose’ at the conclusion of a gym session as he knows the cues I use with my clients!

Taz wags his tail that resembles a pom pom and goes in for a pat and a chat!

Fur Babies 2.png
Fur Babies 1.png
Fur Babies 5.png
Studies & Training
Did you know that owning a dog can actually make you healthier?

That’s because dogs can impact our microbiome (the microscopic organisms that cover your body inside and out that control much of your health).

Those of us who live with indoor dogs have a decreased risk of allergies compared to those without dogs.

Dogs provide unconditional love ❤️, inspire you to get up and walk and are an easy way to connect with other people.