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"Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself, by itself, given half the chance!" - IIN

Meet Jody - Creator of Well Fit


Hi, I’m Jody, a wife, a mother of 2 adult children and a grandmother to 3 gorgeous grandchildren.


As a young girl I was a competitive gymnast, and in the 80’s a competitive bodybuilder.  


I trained as a Personal Trainer in the mid 90’s working with a small clientele. 


As I am now in my 60’s, my goal is to motivate as many women 50+ to sit less and move more. 


I want women to be confident to lift weights, building strong bodies, preventing age-related diseases. 


Finding the time to be healthy in our modern fast paced environment is hard, as is always keeping on top of your fitness goals.


WellFit provides a mixture of Personal Training and Health Coaching to help you maintain a good balance of healthy eating and correct movement patterns.

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Green Smoothie
Fresh Heathy Salad
Healthy Diet, Healthy Body


I love creating fun and healthy recipes that anyone

can make at home easily and quickly.


When we treat our body with the right fuel that

it needs, the results are dramatic!


Come and have a look at some of the recipes that

I have available on my recipes page and my blog. 

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