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My Journey To Plant Based Eating...

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

I’ve grown up eating meat, chicken or fish at every main meal! That’s eating meat every day for my whole life! I’ve also bought up my children this way, as we believed that eating meat and dairy was the healthiest option.

My husband, Ross has high blood pressure and is taking medication. My family, on my mothers side has high cholesterol (apparently it’s hereditary) and my doctor has told me that I won’t be able to bring it back into line without taking statins, to which I’ve refused and am now on a quest to prove that through changing the way we’ve been eating we can bring down markers in our blood to reverse heart disease.

In November last year Ross and I went to see a documentary called ‘The Big Fat Lie’ put together by Grant Dixon, a free lance film writer, who at the age of 58 suffered a heart attack.

After being on a plant based diet for the past 6 years he no longer has any signs or symptoms of heart disease.

He talked about the dangers of eating meat, all meats, beef, lamb, chicken, pork and fish stating that they all contain saturated fat, the dangerous fat that can cause heart disease, obesity, some cancers, and diabetes to name a few.


Dairy products are off the menu! A1 beta-casein is a protein found in milk produced by the Holstein Friesian (black and white) dairy cows. They’re the most popular among farmers because they produce more milk that the other breeds. A1 beta-casein increases the risk of type 1 diabetes and heart disease.

If you are suffering from heart disease oils are a no-no! Yes that’s right, even the good oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, avocados too!


Plant based eating is not a fad! There is now scientific evidence to back up the claims that plant based eating is the way forward to prevent and cure many of the diseases that are prevalent in NZ!!!!

Whether you choose to go 100% plant-based or not, anyone can benefit from integrating more plants into their diet at any stage of their life.

Certainly food for thought!

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