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Sitting is the new smoking!

Our bodies aren’t designed to sit for long periods of time, in fact, our bodies are made to be moved on a regular basis. Our muscles drive our skeletal frame, these muscles need to be keep working to keep them fit and strong, free from tight tissue that in time, with too much sitting can cause us a whole lot of trouble!

Too much sitting is now linked to a host of diseases, including diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease and dementia. These diseases could be prevented if everyone lived physically active lives.

For every hour of sitting you must move for 2 minutes. This helps the blood to circulate, providing oxygen to every cell in the body. The lymphatic system relies on movement to rid the body of toxins, excreting them through the bowels, kidneys, skin and breath.

A good way to move regularly is to hydrate! When you hydrate you have to pee regularly. This means you have to walk to the bathroom!

The formula for hydration is :- 0.033 x body weight

This gives you the amount of water your body needs daily in litres. Sadly most people live in a dehydrated state!

If you have pain in your body, don’t ignore it, investigate what’s going on and be proactive.

Pain is your body communicating to you to make better choices...

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